About Clearway Plumbing

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Clearway Plumbing is a family owned business and a locally owned and operated company. For over 3 generations, we have been a family run business beginning with my grandfather 60 years ago and continuing with my son, who is currently learning to become a plumber.

As Long Island continues to expand, so many individuals have lost site of the integrity it takes to maintain a profitable company. At Clearway Plumbing we offer our clients what so many others have forgotten about when chasing “the bottom line”. We provide a large enough company to serve our clients without forgetting the fact that we need to care for their needs as well as ours.

Professionals from the start. Our licensed plumbers assess your unique situation and assemble a team of experts to work on your plumbing needs. We will arrive with the necessary materials to fix your problem, around your schedule, and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.

Give us a call at (631) 286-6638